Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Birthday Me!

Normally I only use this blog to show my work but I thought I'd make an exception for this super swish picture that my super talented friend Yuki made me for my birthday. Its me and one of my bunny friends dressed up as the two most bestest characters from one of my most favouritest tee-vee programs One Piece. I'm dressed as Monkey D. Luffy, who in turn is dressed as me, and My bunny friend is dressed as reindeer/man/pirate Tony Tony Chopper. Needless to say the picture is amazing and I feel lucky to have such a present. To see more amazing pictures by Yuki head over to Thank you Miss Yuki!

Also here is the aMAZEing card the talented young mister Paul Shinn drew for me. Point your faces here for his blog: Thank you Mister Paul!

Also thank you everyone for a lovelly day in the midst of the season of stress.

Here is a sample of the great one piece, although its only when you get stuck into the story that you see how truly great it is:

Friday, 19 June 2009

The same and but different

While trying to layout my portfolio 2 images fell together that caught my eye. The one on the right was made in march 2008 the one on the left was made January 2009. I don't know what i think when I see them together, but there is something there in the differences and the similarities. I was not thinking about the older one when making the newer one, but they are related.

p.s. laying out a portfolio is not an easy thing. i wish i had fewer a4 shaped things,and more landscape shaped things.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Last Sneaky Peak

For the past 5 weeks I've been working on something for the final show for my MA illustration degree. Ive been posting some sneaky peaks up on the blog. Here is the very last sneaky peak of it, im not going to show the full thing until after the show. This little guy was the last thing i did for it. If you do come to the show see if you can spot him. End of sneaky peaking.