Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Cardturner

'The Cardturner' by Louis Sachar is finally out in the UK, and with the cover I did for it, it marks the first professional Illustration job Ive done since graduating thats actually out there all finiahed and printed and stuff. Im very chuffed with it. I thought I'd put up some better pictures now that its out.

Like a Pokemon game the book comes in two different colours, the red one above, and the blue one you can see below. In Pokemon the red version is the fire version, and the blue is the water version, for this cover though it represents the two different coloured decks of cards you usually get, as its supposed to look like the back of a card (see my earlier post for the full description, here)

Below, is the back cover. This version is different from the actual printed version as it doesn't have the barcode, and the text is hand written by me, rather than the typed font used in the finished version.

On the finished frontcover, the central blurb is handwritten by me, as is the bit of blurb at the very bottom. I although the finished cover uses typed font, I also produced two hand written options for the authors name and title. Below is the sans-serif version:

Here is the serif version:

Im really happy with the finished item, and it was really nice to go out and see something I've done out there, all ready to buy. Here it is in the big Waterstones (other bookshops are available) near Piccadilly Circus:

Here it is in the Waterstones (other bookshops are available) in Covent Garden:

Here it is up north in my home town in the Waterstones (seriously, other bookshops are available) in the fine cathedral city of Lincoln:

My version of the cover is only for the hardback version published by Bloomsbury in the UK. The American cover is quite a different approach, using a photography instead. Its interesting to see the difference. Here it is:

If you're interested in buying a copy its available now from all good book shops. The link is here (other online retailers are available).

P.S. this will be the last blog post about this now unless something super happens to do with it. Ive gotten abit carried away maybe, mainly because its nice to actually have something from the last year that I can show. Hopefully I'll be able to post about some other projects soon. Well soon-ish....