Wednesday, 25 February 2009

All kings fear the Whale King

Here is a picture Ive submitted for the new book by the very nice Daydream Network. I had to produce it especially as I don't have many pictures in landscape. Also it required a bleed area, an area that goes beyond the part of the image that will be on the page, that is cut off after printing. If the image didn't continue into this area, when printed you risk having a blank part on the page, if the image doesn't line up perfectly. So you need some image in this area but nothing that will be missed. Its been a good bit of practice, and its something I will keep in mind when making future work. Below is what the image looks like with the bleed area taken away.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Flintham: the font

As Ive put alot of old work up today I felt I should put some thing new up. This is something I've done this week after wanting to for a long time, it's a computer font using my handwriting! It will help me when doing work on the computer to write stuff quickly and consistantly. Im still fine tuning it here and there, but its as good as finished. I have named it "Flintham". Here is some tests Ive done in photoshop.

More random old stuff

Here are a few more random old things I've found while clearing the images from my facebook. I like doing charcoal drawings but they are to messy to do without a studio.

Bit of Skirt window displays

Bit of Skirt is a very nice little girls clothing shop in the fine city of Lincoln. If you go to Licoln you should go have a look at all the nice stuff they have. Between Christmas 2007 to summer 2008, while I was living back in Lincoln, I was their offical window display chap. It was something i really enjoyed doing. the shop was just around the corner from my studio, now I live in London however Im no longer able to do it. Which is a shame. Here is what I did:

Window number 1 Christmas 2007

Window number 2 Valentines/Spring

This window began as a valentines day window, but it became a springtime window with just a few changes. Its like Transformers.

Valentines day gave way to Easter with the introduction of the Easter Bunny

When Easter went, these Dandee-lions came to celebrate the spring time.

Window number 3 summer: Here come the sun!

Click the picture above for a detailed close up made out of several pictures.
This window is based on the a1 brush and ink drawing below, both feature the same basic composition and the Great Rabbit himself

here is another picture of the same drawing when it was half finished. It took ages to ink this, mainly due to its size and the number of stars.

king Jeff: King of Leicester

The first project i did with the DOT group was Dot Arena. For this project each of the five artists had to provide work on Leicester which was then presented as one whole. It was at the Phoenix cinema leicester 2005. I created a series of photos onto which I had drawn King Jeff the king of Leicester, these were integrated into the main piece with the work of the other artists.

I also made a stuffed life sized King Jeff which stood in the corner. He is made of canvas, which I have drawn on with fabric pens. Here he is below. He is well over 6ft with his ears up.

Here is a picture of the whole piece. The big red dot had lights that lit up in turn going around it. Can you see Jeff in the corner? the Pheonix is a nice cinema, I think its going to close soon due to relocation.
In the picture below, its the opening night and we are presenting our work. The people stood with me are Ed Orton and Sally Renner, organizers of the exhibition, and founders of the DOT group.
On the night I was selling official hand drawn King Jeff stamps for 1p each. Some wiseguy 10 year old came with a load of small change.
The following year DOT did a second DOT arena. This time they filled a whole empty restaurant with a fully 3d cardboard recreation of Leicester, which they then filled with loads of artists works. This time I made Anthony Philips the moon of Leicester (see below for some pictures taken from the artstalker blog) Also look at this BBC article about it.

For the catalogue I produced the following page all about Anthony Philips and myself.