Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bologna 2010

At the end of March the annual Bologna Children's Book Fair took place in Bologna of all places. To quote wikipedia's description of the fair "It is the meeting place for all professionals involved with creating and publishing children's books, and is mainly used for the buying and selling of rights, both for translations and for derived products like movies or animated series". While I wasn't able to attend myself, this was the first year that some of my work was over there. One place it could be found was on the cover for Scholastic's 2010 rights guide.

The illustration on the cover is taken from 'Super Amazing Mazes', a book I'm working on at the moment with Scholastic, which was amongst all of the other tops things inside the catalogue. They even let me do the lettering. I was really honored that my work was chosen for the cover, and It was lovely to see the finished catalogue. It was really nicely printed, with a glossy varnish used on the bear and the ground, which looks particulary swish.

Today my agents sent me an exert from industry magazine The Bookseller's coverage of Bologna 2010 which even mentions my book! Im very excited to have gotten a mention! Click the pic below to take a closer peak.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Adam B WIndow

One of the problems with finding things that I can post on my blog is that there is often a big gap between me finishing a piece of work and it actually appearing where it is intended to appearing. Here is a good example, a window display I worked on last summer for Adam B, a printers near Tottenham Court Road in Central London. Here are some pictures I snapped on my phone when I happened upon it all printed and all put up, last week.

Here is a distant view:

This is what I saw when I walked a bit closer:

The image goes across two separate windows. Here is the left window:

Here is the right:

Now I'm walking away:

Im further away now:

They also used the picture on a window along the side:

Here is the original:

I also did a black & white option:

Here is a photoshop mock-up that I made to show how it would look printed and put up. Im happy at how close it matches the reality:

Here is another mock-up:

Im not sure how long it will be up for, I think it my be semi-permanent for now. If you want to go see it, you will find it here.

P.S. This is my 100th blog post! Hooray!!!!

EDIT: Here are some extra photos that the Swishly talented Mr Augustine Coll sent me (he's the chap in the photos). Point your eyes at them then point your eyes at his website too (here).

Yuki Wallpaper(here)=Yuki Wallpaper (now)

Hello there. I've not posted here since Christmas, and today its Easter which is very bad and naughty of me. So to make up for it I am doing a blog now. I have been very very busy, but its just not really stuff that Im allowed to be showing around at the moment. As soon as I can show anything I certainly will. Here is something kind of new I can post up.

The last blog I did was a Christmassy desktop wallpaper, and I dont have any Eastery desktop wallpapers, I do have some Yuki-ery wallpapers. Yuki is one of my super talented friends and I made a big picture for her birthday (see this blog post). I recently got round to sending a copy of the file and edited a couple of different desktops for her, and she said I could share them on my blog. I hope you like them. Also you should really check out Miss Nishimura's website to see her illustrations.

Cheerio :-)