Friday, 20 February 2009

Bit of Skirt window displays

Bit of Skirt is a very nice little girls clothing shop in the fine city of Lincoln. If you go to Licoln you should go have a look at all the nice stuff they have. Between Christmas 2007 to summer 2008, while I was living back in Lincoln, I was their offical window display chap. It was something i really enjoyed doing. the shop was just around the corner from my studio, now I live in London however Im no longer able to do it. Which is a shame. Here is what I did:

Window number 1 Christmas 2007

Window number 2 Valentines/Spring

This window began as a valentines day window, but it became a springtime window with just a few changes. Its like Transformers.

Valentines day gave way to Easter with the introduction of the Easter Bunny

When Easter went, these Dandee-lions came to celebrate the spring time.

Window number 3 summer: Here come the sun!

Click the picture above for a detailed close up made out of several pictures.
This window is based on the a1 brush and ink drawing below, both feature the same basic composition and the Great Rabbit himself

here is another picture of the same drawing when it was half finished. It took ages to ink this, mainly due to its size and the number of stars.

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