Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Another Sneaky-peek

Here is a picture of a tiny bit of a much bigger picture I'm working on. At the minute I'm working on a number of things that I don't really want to show too much of until they are finished, but I still want to be posting stuff, hence why this blog post and the last have been abit mysterious. Perhaps for the next 7 weeks as I get close to the end of my course this blog will mainly be one big tease. Who knows. I don't. To be honest I've got enough to be worrying about with out thinking too much about this kind of stuff. Its probably best to just see how things pan out I guess.

To sumarise: here is a little bird in a tree.


Paul Shinn said...

hmm...interesting! I want to see more!!!!

I love the texture on the tree!

Jenny Capon said...

this is all very lovely and mysterious- can't wait to see the bigger picture (tee hee!)