Sunday, 4 January 2009

All shiny and all new Super Christmas for 2009

Here is the first Super Christmas 2009 image, its the earliest I've ever started a new Christmas book, having only finished the last one three weeks ago. The reason for the early start is that I'm ready to change Super Christmas in many ways this year and its going to take a bit to get used to it. Here is the first experiment, its the first super christmas picture made in colour (some old ones have been through photoshop but im not counting that) and the first to be drawn entirely with my trusty computer. Its also a rareity for me in that it is a landscape picture (I got asked for one a month or so ago and could only find two good ones in my portfolio so im trying to make an effort to make some). As an experiment Im pretty happy with it, Im not sayings its perfect (I'm not sure with how the text works within th picture for starters) but I think its a good road to keep following.


Abigail Brown said...

It's beautiful! yay for Super Xmas 2009!! It's going to be the bestest ever!!

Paul Shinn said...

I'm still full of Turkey from Super Xmas 2008!!! Look forward to seeing your colour work!