Thursday, 8 January 2009

Tom Learns Japanese-lesson 1 the colour midori

I am currently trying to learn Japanese, I have a nice and helpful shiny Nintendo DS game what I got for Christmas that is helping me. I thought it might help me to learn if I made pictures of the things I now know. Here is the first one it is for green, which is written in Romanji as 'midori'. If you want to describe something as green you pop a 'no' in between the words, i.e. 'midori no ringo' means green apple. yum. I will be putting up more of these as I do them, you can look forward to more colours and some numbers too. Hooray!
PS if anyone who does know japanese spots any errors i'd be super grateful if you could let me know. There will be errors.


Paul Shinn said...

Which game did you get? I wanted to get one of those Teach You Japanese games...Fun-ducational!

Thomas Flintham said...

I think its called 'my japanese coach' i havnt done anything on it for a week but its not because it isnt good. it is good.