Friday, 30 January 2009

Me in the Kitchen doing some drawing (in stages)

I thought it might be fun to show the stages of a drawing as I make it in illustrator. I'm not saying this is a how to, because I don't really know 'how to' properly anyway. It more of a how I did. If anything it might help me realize later the point where I started to over work it.

The picture is me in the kitchen in my house drawing. even though I was sat in that very position it was all drawn from memory, only occasionally looking round to see how close I got it. In this case I started with a line sketch drawn straight into the computer. I don't normally do this but its worked out okay. I normal just start by blocking in shapes and colours, I guess the main advantage of doing a bit of planing at the starts it helps get the layout right from the get go. Soon I'm going to start playing with bringing in sketches and doodles I've scanned in.

then in a layer under my sketch i put a wee bit of colour about. Just some rough blocks to help give a base to build on. A bit like how they used to do on 'Watercolour Challenge' on Channel 4.

This is what it looks like at this stage without the sketch on top.

I then work into this abit more to give it a bit of detail and hopefully make things look abit more solid. I've tried to get some sense of light as well. The windows on the door are north facing so light never comes in like this normally but that doesn't really matter. It was dark when I drew this anyway.
Again without the sketch on top.
Here it is again with the full sketch, me included this time.
Lastly here is the most finished picture so far. With me as a Drawing Boy rather than a real person. In its own way it kind of works, but eventually id like to get it working without any of the lines. Still need to do some work on the background, e.g. put some Cds on the CD rack, a load of stuff on the bottom shelf near the bin and make the bin look like a bin. So far though its going OK

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