Friday, 9 October 2009

Postcard 1

I've not been good at updating my blog for a while and so I've got a few things to catch up with. Here are the images for my very first promotional postcard that had made up in time for my MA Final Show this July. Below is the main picture from the front and is the first ever non-Christmas Greg:

Next is the first ever Ghost Boots strip. Miss Ghost boots has a cameo in The amazing Giants maze (see here and here and here) and is a character I'd like to do more with. I drafted her in here for advertising duties. The postcards were colour on the front and the back is Black and White (and grey). See below:

Although I was happy for Ghost Boots to be Black and white I also did a colour version which most likely will not be used ever. Here it is:

I hope to do more postcards in the future they're fun to make. I hope to start posting more often but some of the things I have done can be posted here for various reasons. At least not yet.......

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zabbyallen said...

Hi Thomas
I just happened to come across your blog after looking at Abigail Brown's website. I thought it looked familiar and then I saw these postcards and remembered I picked them up at your MA show which I wwent to. That show inspired me to apply for the Book Arts BA at LCC, which I got offered a place on!