Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thomas Flintham vs Pixar

I recently had the pleasure of watching the new pixar film 'Up' and recomend it highly. It is swish, especially the first 15 minutes which have some great storytelling to go with the great story. 'Up's story of a flying house reminded me of a project I did way back in the second year of my BA Fine Art studies at De Montfort University in 2002 called 'The Flying house'. Below you can see both the series of drawings I did and my first brief experimentation with animation aswell.

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I can't really claim that pixar stole my idea as my version itself was not the most original idea ever, being inspired by books such as 'The House That Sailed Away' by Pat Hutchins, and 'Laputa Castle in the Sky' by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Also despite the fact that I did upload all the images onto a website in 2002 I don't think pixar would have seen them.

A couple of semesters after I did the 'The Flying house' project I created my first ever comic called 'Momo and the Little Bird'. Soon after I finished at the beginning of 2003 I started to think of ideas for another comic. One of the main ideas I liked was called 'ROBO' about a robot made by a scientist that outlives not only his creator but all of mankind aswell. So a story about a robot left all alone on earth carrying on its work all alone.......which is just like Wall-e, those pixar scoundrels!

Although apart from this detail my story was going to be quite different, but I was still abit annoyed by the similarities as I still had the idea in mind when Wall-e came out. I never got further than the cover for 'ROBO' the comic, I instead decided to animate it instead. I planned to animate the whole story to the song 'Eric the Gardener' by the Divine Comedy, matching the progression of the story to the changes in the music. I had the whole thing planned out but never got further than a very small section at the beginning showing ROBO being built. I turned the small section I did do into a small looping animation of a series of ROBOs being produced, using a sample of 'Eric the Gardener' within it. I also did an a brief follow up, another short looping animation showing lots of ROBOs called 'ROBO Parade'. You can see them both below:

Although I still like the idea I had for my ROBO story, following Wall-e I'm not sure if I'd ever do it the way I intended, but I might incorporate it into another story. Those darned Pixar people, always 120 steps ahead......

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Aine Cassidy said...

These are just great Tom! So sweet :-)